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The road that Argentina is taking in its alliances can compromise its security and that of the entire Southern Hemisphere. A New policy of carnal relations?

By Sir Charlattam & Dany Smith
After the inauguration of the new legislative year in charge of the Argentine president Mauricio Macri and his speech before the legislative body of both houses of Congress, a political year began that will bring several novelties of which the president himself refrained from mentioning, clearly conditioned by strong external and internal pressure. It can be said that these developments are linked to the unexplained event of the submarine "ARA San Juan" that can lead to disastrous implications.

Although Macri dedicated a passage to the 44 crew members of the unexplained submarine, he did not contemplate an action plan or any policy to determine what had really happened; only a symbolic mention, as a way to shape the relatives who remain unconscionable in the face of so many incongruities and silences that have revealed that a part of their government tries to prevent the submarine from being found.

What can be behind all this? Dany asked me when we met at a café in Belfast, Ireland to check what would be the article of the month for geopolitical affairs of Great Britain in the South Atlantic. The first thing that occurred to me to say was, "everything that ordinary Argentines may never know". When the incident took place there was a lot of activity in the area and not only were the Navy of its Graceful Majesty operating with its Chilean allies (incidentally carrying out anti-submarine operations), there were also Americans, Chinese and intelligence ships with flags of others countries That was like a "field day".

Remember that the British had hired an Israeli company to install in the Falklands Islands, its famous and ineffective anti-missile system "Iron Dome" created by Tel Aviv to counteract the threat of the Palestinian homemade "missiles" Kassam, which Despite their rudimentary technology, they are not so easy to intercept. But the vendors of these systems are as good businessmen as suppliers of military technology. Maybe they are better businessmen than the second.

Think that the idea of ​​this system so sold by propaganda is to stop missiles and the Palestinian rockets are just that, rockets with very good shapes and design but nothing more. But taking advantage of the stage fright that the rich Israeli settlers from areas bordering the Gaza Strip such as Sderot, it was usufruct by the private security industry entrepreneurs who with the complicity of the military leaders and the corrupt right-wing politicians who control Israel, they make this a round business. Just calculate the following: If a homemade rocket costs "Hamas" 100 dollars the finished unit and you notice that each projectile interceptor of this reformed "Patriot" costs the Israeli state 50,000 dollars a unit, it is a clean gain of 1000 percent. Something not close in the logical equation of cost and risks to face, but of guaranteed profits for private manufacturers in did.

In the case of Great Britain and using the silly excuses that Argentina acquired mid-last year an endowment of a dozen old French planes "Super Etendard", London reached an agreement with the Israeli company "Rafael Advanced Defense Systems" which works with the firm "Mprest" for the assembly of its "Iron Dome" batteries on the islands as part of an NSCR modernization policy of its obsolete anti-aircraft systems. We know that Argentines not only do not have strategic missiles as they knew they had in the past (Condor II), but they do not even have rockets like the Palestinians, much less the will to fight them. Despite long discussions about military spending at the National Security Council (NSC), the Cabinet authorized the signing of this millionaire contract with the satisfaction of Chief of Staff Sir Nick Carter and Secretary of Defense Gavin Williamson.

But the business was not absent from clashes between private defense companies. According to sources within the Ministry and the secretary of Fallon, American firms such as "General Dynamics Land Systems" their offers were placed under the pile of paper to benefit Israeli companies, probably because of the incentives they advanced.
argentine security commitive in Tel Avic

The contract signed between London and the Israeli company is around 79 million British Pounds, demonstrating in addition to excessive spending, an unusual interest in "defending the islands." The irony of the case is that while the Israelis install this system for the British, Tel Aviv trains and is advising Argentine military and police forces with their advisors from the IDF and the Shin Bet in the occupied territories.

We know that the installed system did not respond to any Argentine threat. You can talk to any admiral or retired general to give you his opinion about it and I assure you that none of them endorses the Foreign Office's argument of a real threat from the continent. The reports of the Ministry of Defense of Fallon are pure garbage. It is a mountain of imbecilities, which are not believed even by kindergarten children; Maybe not`s, ours but if the Argentines, do not you think?

Maybe the Argentines if they were aware and with their poor resources tried to rummage beyond what they could and died in the attempt.

The mission of the "ARA San Juan" ran into an inconvenience and that was "saw what should not see" Do you think it is linked to the anti-missile system that would be mounted on the islands? Dany asked me, to which I replied in a clear voice "in part yes." At that time the Israeli specialists were already working on the islands and having confirmed this was something diplomatically embarrassing, you know, calls to the ambassador in Buenos Aires for explanations etcetcetc.

We know that the islands have a military base but behind that, there is one of the most important electronic intelligence and satellite tracking facilities in the hemisphere; if there is a threat to regional peace, it comes from the islands and not from the continent, although the Chinese in the province of Neuquén have a strategic role in all this.

Among the mills in Mount Pleasant is a high power antenna that, in addition to receiving communications from the NATO`s geostationary satellites that sweep the region, emit infrasound waves that produce alterations in living organisms, among them the Argentine unsuspecting and also in the Kelpers.

To the worse taste of the gentlemen in the Ministry of Defense and their lobbyists in the House of Commons, the arrival of the Russians in the waters of the South Atlantic with the ship "Yantar" can complicate everything.

It seems that to cover the mouths (very few indeed) of the most annoying claimants of the military institution of the Argentine Navy, the government of Buenos Aires accepted a proposal from Tel Aviv and commissioned a naval attaché to none other than Israel for allegedly, prepare a group of officers in naval intelligence doctrine and technical knowledge of naval engines to deliver soon. 
This coincides with the continued arrival in Israel of American contingents that is overheating the spirits of the Arabs and the Islamic world. But this smells like shit and some sources in Buenos Aires have confirmed that this is something more important and this would involve linking the country to the global geostrategy of Tel Aviv and Patagonia is its primary objective. For others this would only be to silence the search queries of the submarine. What do you think?