miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2018



Please, please tell me now is there something the British public should know?

By Sir Charlattam
It became very familiar to me that scene in which on a beautiful afternoon in the years we used those thick bags and caps several for the cold and go unnoticed, someone who walked quietly and without the slightest suspicion that the danger was haunting him suddenly gunman on foot or from a car, shot accurately about his humanity. Ah, those dangerous days of the days of the cold war.

I speak of hot times of the seventies and mid-eighties when the silent war between spies was very hot in Europe and where uncertainty surrounded us.

When I read in London newspapers about the attack on a former Russian agent, allegedly a dissident on a street sidewalk in Salisbury when he was with his 33-year-old daughter in a crowded place, monitored by cameras and all that As an anti-terrorist security assembly that controls us today, I felt that adrenaline that I had not felt for years when I retired from the service tired of the garbage that had to be swallowed so that the government could justify its dirty policies. I'm tired of being the dung pawn of his damn games.

The objective of this attack was a very particular subject. This is Sergei Skripal a former Colonel of Russian Military Intelligence known as GRU, a section of the armed forces that are fearsome and highly effective in the commission of operations in open wars, counterinsurgency and anti-terrorism. The guy is not a "nobody`s" precisely and is not clean, as I could check with my sources. He is a double agent who worked for the Russian government at times when he was in the army and more precisely in 1995 during the times of the inept Boris Yeltsin, was recruited by the British MI-6 and used his position to spy in favor of London and Washington that after being detected was arrested in 2004 by the FSB and after being sentenced in 2006 to 13 years in jail, only spent a few years in prison to be benefited by an amnesty decreed in 2010 by the government of Dimitri Medveved that freed him after an exchange of prisoners between Moscow and London.
Skripal captured by FSB in 2004

Skripal was a bird of accounts unimportant to Moscow. When the Russian army was sold, it was going through a time of economic calamity and corruption ravaged its cadres. It was the best time for the CIA and the MI-6 for a few envelopes of money to be bought to several wills and especially to a valuable resource within one of the most sensitive sections of the Russian Armed Forces. Skripal was tempted and perhaps thought that all that talent he had, was not useful for a Soviet Union that no longer existed. At that time, a source like Skripal was highly important in order to give a hand to the Chechen rebels who made life impossible for the Russians.
But his luck was short and the money paid for his betrayal did not succeed in escaping. When he was captured, he lost the courage to the West and let the judicial process and his imprisonment continue. By the time they exchanged their employers in London, they did not value it as they used to, but you had to be sure to know what you could have told.

It did not pose any potential threat to Russia's security since the possible contacts it still had with comrades within the Federation and sources of British intelligence operating inside Moscow are well contracted. Then I got to thinking why the Kremlin would order an attack like this, against a guy who is not worth what louts like Boris Johnson and the informants of MI-6 boss Alex Younger suggest and in broad daylight? The answer is impossible. Something dirty is hidden behind and there is much more involved related to the same sectors of the intelligence of house that boys with stereotypes of the old "KGB".

There have been speculations to try to connect several previous episodes (death of Boris Berezovsky and his associates, Alexander Litvinenko and others) to blame Vladimir Putin himself for these murders by order of state. Without having determined what was the motive and the chemical or biological agent that could have been used against Skripal and her daughter and even less to the alleged attackers, the accusations are snatched. The urgency of the same Prime Minister May seen on Monday before the Parliament is worrisome.

It is very suggestive that this attack occurred a few days after Vladimir Putin announced to the world that Russia with its potential military revelations occupies an important place in international geopolitics and that clearly has not been at all liked by the British political and financial Establishment. What to say about the commotion inside Downing Street 10 and the plotters of the Foreign Office who are clearly limited in their power of action, much more than their American partners who harder hit the news than go one step further against Moscow It would have catastrophic consequences. The possibility of rapid and devastating retaliation is now a reality against them that they cannot ignore.

To this, the threatening threats of Teresa May and her cabinet to Moscow can only lead to a loud laugh as London does not have to make a lesson as it tries to suggest and playing dirty can also cost you dearly.

To the worst and disgust of the representatives of the government of Teresa May, the sanctions against Russia only tickle and the attempts to muddy Putin's image as the evil and all powerful of a dictatorial government cause at least many laughter since the history of the kingdom leaves much to be desired in respect to the sovereignty of other countries and let's not talk about human rights. In this last sense, the charade fraud of the "White Helmets" sponsored by the MI-6 inside Syria country, is a sample of the dirty and criminal games of the British government that in spite of the propaganda, cannot elude.

Another misleading point presented by the government of May is to connect it with the previous Litvinenko, another double agent of Russian origin poisoned without realizing in 2006 with radioactive element "Plutonium 210" in a cafe crammed with occasional customers.

That's the way things are. With what we saw we can ask ourselves: Can you believe that the Russians need to perform such a reckless action and also so clumsy after what was announced on March 1? If you only use logic, you will conclude that this does not make sense.