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How much does the democratic liberation of the United States cost?

By Ali Al Najafy
M1-A1 smashed in Baghdad
When the US decided to invade Iraq in 2003, it had not only planned to overthrow Saddam Hussein and seize the most important oil fields of the fertile crescent to deliver them to the corporate oil giants, but also to install a collaborationist government that granted it within the corresponding legal forms, all contracts to rebuild the Armed Forces of a "new Iraq," which would only be stocked with exclusively US-made weapons.

When it was agreed that the military industry companies like "General Dynamics" among a dozen more, were the exclusive ones for the assortment of weapons and systems for the new army after sweeping the Iraqi and that the 
Pentagon had already designed in its papers, there the invasion was launched. They were catastrophic years for the safety and life of Iraqis common but glorious for arms deals. The "Dawa" mafia that was placed as a government signed each and every defense contract for an unarmed Iraq. The American businessmen gloated and just sat and watched the demand for arms, ammunition and weapons systems that were compatible with the new rules imposed by the "liberators".

It is true that the task of completely destroying the Iraqi armed forces was not an achievement of the Anglo-Saxon Coalition alone; with them there were a few very low-level Iraqi generals and politicians who were committed to destroying or selling what was left of Saddam's "Great Army." There were liberated routes for hundreds of the Soviet-made "T-55" and "T-72B" tanks that made the bulk of the "Republican Guard" to be moved at night and in view of US air surveillance to be shipped and passed to the black market. Or dismantled for spare parts and the sale of parts and their weapons separately, it was big business for the arms dealers.

Thus, with scrap only stacked and parked in large parks and open-air cemeteries outside Baghdad, Basra and Mosul, it became necessary for the new Iraqi army to have its new armored vehicles and tanks for combat service. Of course, a ridiculous number of tanks that do not reach 1% of what the army had in the pre-invasion era. This must be accompanied by the need to maintain technical advisors for driving and knowledge of the controls of an M1 A-1 "Abrahams". Obviously, they could only be led by those troops who, besides being Shiite loyal to the "Dawa" party, well studied by the secret police controlled by the CIA, were a guarantee of collaboration with Washington. In this way, the dangers of tank theft by resistance or sabotage by infiltrators were solved.
M1-A1 capture by ISIL 

That is until, surprisingly, in 2014 the "ISIL" appeared to cross with impunity the Iraqi borders while supposedly the American Drones tried to stop them with guided attacks. At that time the Iraqi army had a limited fleet of M1 A-1 tanks and had received a few months earlier, a shipment of more than 2,500 Humvee vehicles that were stationed in the base of mechanized troops of the city of Mosul, everything falls in the hands of "ISIL" as a great birthday gift that cost the US treasury 579 million dollars. And although it caused consternation that was revealed in the faces of the Republican congressmen and those responsible for the Pentagon's General Staff, no one ever explained how such a clumsy collection was allowed when the intelligence reports should have warned of the imminent danger.

For 2008 the government of Baghdad closed a contract for the acquisition of 140 units of tank M1 A-1 "Abrams" at a cost of 2 billion units with all its armaments and engines running. For this the Pentagon established a contract with "General Dynamics" that amounted to 320 million dollars to provide the order and train a select cadre of Iraqi mechanics for maintenance. In between, many of these specimens were captured by the "ISIL" and the most unlikely of it was that they were able to start and drive as expert tank drivers. Were there instructors of the "General Dynamics" in the camps of the "ISIL" teaching how to turn on, manage and maintain your own M1 A-1?

But that does not seem to have caused much impression among the Pentagon's high command and even less among those responsible for the defense of the moment, who at some point came to describe the "Daesh" as a group of monkeys running around and nothing else. Time showed that they were more than that and much more intimate than what could be confessed.
M1-A1 of Kataib Hesbollah Brigades of Iraq

In spite of this, it was much more scandalous for Washington that the M1 fell into the hands of the popular Shiite units (which belonged to the resistance against the occupation) that were being used by the "Daesh". Thus, when at the beginning of 2015 some "Abrams" were seen with the flag of the Kataib Hesbollah Brigades of Iraq and the "Al Shaabi" Popular militias advancing in the northwest of Iraq, it made the blood of the officers in the Pentagon as General Dempsey and Chuck Hagel that without hesitation authorized the planes of the "Coalition against ISIL" to destroy them. It was intolerable for "pro-Iranian" militias to take over one of the strongholds of American industry; before it burns. But in reality that's just an excuse to scare Baghdad from his intension to buy Russian weapons systems.

All being too abstract and difficult to understand in view of the evidence and that`s events. It was more unbearable for Washington that the M1 fell into the hands of the Shiite militias who were fighting to liberate Iraq from being used with wide freedom by the "Daesh". Illogical, do not you think? But as the "ISIL" is now ancient history (merit in part important to Russia) and does not exist within the map of operations, the contractors of the company "General Dynamics" have called on the puppet regime of Baghdad to take care of recovering the M1 "Abrams" units that are in the hands of the Shiite popular forces, if not all of their technicians and advisers withdraw from Iraq threatening to leave them helpless in the face of a reality that few media are reflecting and she is that, despite that the farce of the "Daesh" was disrupted, the operations of an autochthonous armed resistance that is active in the northern center still persist.

For the time being, Baghdad has been in contact with Russia in order to acquire a varied package of weapons systems and equipment to replace the existing ones, unleashing a cataract of insults and arguments between the Iraqi collaborationist sectors and those trying to shake off the blackmail of Washington.