miércoles, 8 de noviembre de 2017


Since the end of October, something is stirring in the waters of international politics and the hand that seems to create the waves coming from the White House. What are you looking for?

By Charles H. Slim
Who really leads the destinies of the United States, is a question that the American taxpayers have stopped doing in view of what are the last movements of President Trump and his internal enemies. Although accusations of Moscow's alleged interference in the election that gave the US tycoon victory border on idiocy, the neoconservative sectors in Congress that hysterically support Hillary Clinton insist with their arguments to have evidence of that "betrayal".

When the outgoing President Obama until the last moment did everything possible to pave the way for his ally Hillary Clinton, he had no qualms about, among other things, to conduct a federal investigation against the Trump campaign team, something that, after taking the oath of President Donald Trump led to the dismissal of then-FBI chief James Comey. This seemed like Trump's revenge against Comey, but the truth was that when the FBI itself had on the table a battery of documents incriminating Hillary Clinton, referring to undesirable contacts and matters that complicated the Union's foreign policy, the management of the Bureau looked the other way and did not consider himself alluded to.

But in spite of how ridiculous it seems to be, it is certain that the special investigations managed to find some incongruities in several subjects that participated in the presidential campaign, among them Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, who were accused of nothing less than the conspiracy charges and Money Laundering. The highlight was the arrest of George Papadopoulos who worked as Trump's foreign policy adviser and who, because of his contacts with the Kremlin, had been identified as a suspicious link in the accusations.

Trump leave immediately to say his clarifications on the matters of which Manafort is accused  pointing out that they are prior to his integrating the electoral campaign. With this Trump has publicly downloaded that there is no collusion that his internal enemies pose. Equally and although Trump may be right, those who move in the shadows of the deep state will do their best to knock him out of his chair except to prove that he "will do things better than Hillary would have done". But as anyone would say, what the hell are you talking about?

The answer would be that the supporters of the permanent war are not willing to let the plans to maintain the lucrative war chaos in scenarios like the Middle East, do not stop until the United States manages to prevail over the growing influence of Russia and China which in turn favors the Islamic Republic of Iran by unleashing hysteria in the political and intellectual circles of Tel Aviv and the Zionist lobbies organizations at home.

Precisely the omnipresence of these two powers has annoyed the plans to realize the final division of Iraq into three ethnic-confessional blocs and annihilate the Syrian Arab Republic as a rival to the state of Israel. While Russia has shown that it could see what the US secretly did in Syria and Iraq, revealing among other things how it supported the operations of the "Daesh" and exposed it before the eyes of world opinion. This is so serious and so embarrassing, that undoubtedly will be charged to the account of Trump to pay in the history books.

For its part, China also bothers Washington's plans but does so in the South Sea, putting a limit on its fleet and especially with the secret support it really has with Pyongyang on the issue of the development of intercontinental missiles that can carry nuclear warheads. In addition, China keeps the EU finances in a corner that lacks real liquidity to pay its sidereal public debt. And if you add that together with Russia are promoting the replacement of the currency of the oil market for the ruble and yuan, the political and financial economic interests that dwell in Washington cannot be more upset. That is why it is not a coincidence that very curious anti-Chinese editorials have begun to be published (Foreign Affairs.  

From that deep state this cannot be tolerated and it is in Trump's duty to do what is necessary to scrub those plans.

In this last month it has been seen as Trump has increased its warlike language around the world, without seeming to think about the consequences that this can bring for the United States and for international security. With a Stand By situation on the Korean peninsula, with a seemingly radical change in military operations in Syria, it has revitalized its movements around the borders of the Russian Federation and has complied with Israel's wishes to denounce the Nuclear Energy Treaty signed with Iran in 2015. Equally, what does it all mean? Well, simply that Trump tries to save his butt by complying with the pressures of these sectors of the Zionist lobbying that together with the neoconservatives that dominate the spectrum of the opposition are those who pull both ends of the rope.

An important fact to consider is the visit to Riyadh held at the end of October by Trump's son-in-law, the Zionist Jared Kushner and a very special delegation who´s after returning from that mysterious trip, immediately began to happen a chain of curious events that can graphic as a purge or palatial coup within the Saudi kingdom (POLITICO.com. "Kushner took unannounced trip to Saudi Arabia". https://www.politico.com/story/2017/10/29/jared-kushner-saudi -arabia-244291

The recent events in Saudi Arabia, the land maneuvers of Israel with intentions to enter Syrian territory with the excuse of protecting the Druze population, strange resignation of Saad Hariri and the deliberate accusations of Riyadh against Iran for an alleged sale of medium-range missiles to Yemen, they are part of the same stimulus ... the snake is unscrewing and preparing to bite.