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Could it be a problem for London to reveal the CIA's plan to return the sovereignty of the South Atlantic islands to Argentina?

By Dany Smith
I was taking my cappuccino when Tom, an old comrade who is always up to date with the affairs of the Foreing Office and corridors that run down the corridors of Downing Street 10 when I find out about this, "The CIA had declassified more than two million paper documents between which came a couple of papers involving the CIA with the conflict in the South Atlantic back in 1982. And that was not all, those papers could pose a threat to The British arguments before the international forums.

Well, apparently not everything was in order after all. It is only a sarcasm referred to the posture before the public of the minister May that smiles even when some loons who cross by the front of the Westminster shout you witch.

Since Britain left the EU and although the Argentines have not noticed we are hanging on a thread. Brexit seems more like a political nightmare than a national claim seeking to revive the glories of the British empire. Unemployment increases per month and the average salary barely reaches to pay rents, immigration on the rise and with it the suspicions of "Daesh" leaks, invasion of privacy by the excuse of terrorism stinks and Teresa May smiles as if she were in a party; At least in front of the cameras.
Thatcher & May, is the same?

Tom told me a day later that the declassification of the two million CIA documents by an executive order of Barak Obama was made public, there was not much alteration in the government environment until, a call from the headquarters in Lambeth, London in the early hours of January 19 caused runs on both Downing Street 10 and the Foreing Office. The same minister came urgently to a meeting with Sir Alan Duncan and the head of the liaison office of the MI-6 with the CIA where you could see the smiley face of May and his concern to know How much do the Argentinians know about this?

Apparently the Americans did not do it badly, or at least not to harm London. It is even known that this mountain of liberated documents was garbage that had to be thrown out at any moment and that Obama would happen as a coup before leaving the White House, presenting it as a sign that "America has nothing to hide." Even the outgoing director of the agency John Brennan should have enjoyed fulfilling is that order that left the hated outsider Donald Trump a problem to solve.

That plan of mediation between London and Buenos Aires had been elaborated by the then head of the CIA Henry Rowen that supposedly had commissioned to him the White House by the risk that represented the confrontation between two allies within the same hemisphere. In the Ronald Reagan election he was on the British side but he could not allow a clumsy Meg to open a gap to the influence of the "Warsaw Pact" that some Argentine generals were seeking. 

According to some versions of the time, London was aware of the military preparations of Argentina and even sought the perfect provocation in the Georgian islands to bite.

But in turn, the Pentagon and the White House were informed of the British intentions that from the standpoint of Ronald Reagan and his cabinet could jeopardize not world peace but the integrity of NATO. There had even been hot secret conversations between several intelligence officials who tried to condition London not to continue with the charade that had between its objectives to raise the level of popular support to the declining management of Margaret Hilda Thatcher.

According to reserved sources, a year earlier in 1981 there were rumors that something was being prepared in South America and that it would bring good profits to London and its partners in the region. Do not forget that by that time coal and oil deposits had already been detected in the Falklands and in their surrounding waters and British companies like SHELL Co were interested in operating in the area without having to pay canon or permits to Argentina.

Such pieces of information had been collected even if you did not believe it at private parties and meetings at European embassies, in which there were Western intelligence informants and also KGB of the USSR stating without a doubt a controversy within the Atlantic Alliance itself.

In some of those indiscreet talks between Scots and expensive cigars, there were bad calculations to be seen later in the war. Some came to predict that the Argentines did not have the guts to respond to what was planned; Others try to be more technical analysis and refer to not having Forces conditioned to be able to face the Royal Navy of Her Majesty and others came to cast doubt on the human capacity of His men not to resist the pressure of playing in the big leagues. Boobies! The facts show that Argentines power more than any prognosis made by military brains and their intelligence colleagues. As recognized by Brigadier Julian Thompson in charge of ground forces in the war as Royal Navy Admiral Sandy Woodward "the Argentines were about to win" and if that had happened, it would have made some sense for those CIA plans Which would have saved Thatcher's head but not his government.