jueves, 1 de febrero de 2018



Revelations and last-minute infidences would expose an attack on the Argentine submarine. Hustle in the Ministry of Defense

By Dany Smith
The tragedy of "ARA San Juan" seems to have entered a new chapter and it seems to venture into the stormy waters of international politics. It was inevitable. The malleable Argentine public opinion also senses that his government was lying to him in what had happened with his submarine and the fate of his 44 naval sailors. How long could one continue to hide a submarine of almost 76 yards? For those of us who know the sea and have been in naval accidents, we know that time is vital for the success of the rescue.
For the Argentine Navy it was a devastating blow but it has also meant a gymnastics of running and hiding, of simulating and pretending that they are not as bad as everyone suspects. This can be a lesson that Buenos Aires can take advantage of and exploit for their benefit and at the same time a very serious problem for London.

Actually there are several "friends" who must give explanations of what happened there in that area other than what the mass media indicate as close to the abyssal zone outside the 200 nautical miles of Argentine sovereignty. For years, the 4th Fleet of the US Navy has operated in the southern seas. Lately the number of nuclear submarines that are prowling the waters of the Argentine maritime coast has grown and some suspect that this is due to the unexpected Russian presence.

With the arrival of the Russian navy, the fears have climbed high in the naval high command of both the Americans and the British who see some degree of threat. Do you fear that the Russian naval explorers will discover something really not confessable? On that road, it seems to go no matter what else.

There seems to have been a clear disinformation campaign from the beginning of the media campaign, which sought to distract the eyes of the government and Argentine citizens. This was noticed almost immediately by the Russians when they arrived in the area and verified that they were looking in the wrong place. The American units and our colleagues from Mount Pleasant did not know it or are amateurs fresh out of the naval school? No, not at all!

Little by little the clues are leading to clarification that has happened and the concerns go from the Foreign Office to the offices of the Ministry of Defense that could have to start making explanations and publish to the Parliament memos classified on the naval activities of the Royal Armed in the South Atlantic on the date on which the incident occurred with the submarine. That, my friends, is really a much more serious problem than justifying what happened that November 15 between 1400 GMT.

For years now there has been a wave among those who criticize the military budget increase and the insane expenses for the Royal Navy especially to expand its endowments in sensitive destinations such as the Persian Gulf and the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic. The issue of the costs of "1 Billon" British Pound vessels for maintenance of units that are falling apart in operations in warm waters is still an unresolved issue. These investigations have targeted the defense contractors and the Ministry for the large budgets.

In what it does to the situation of the surface and submarine fleet in the waters of the "South Atlantic" be very cloudy. Precisely much darker in moments that the incident was recorded that apparently sources within the Argentine Armada itself recorded accurately and (despite not expecting it) caught one of our own in a situation not only hostile but within Argentine territorial waters . All that masquerade of coming out in relief and rescue ordered by the London government was a way to cover what they had done.

It is also from the cabinet of May to discredit the Russian aid with the oceanographic ship "Yantar" and its equipment "Panther Plus" claiming that it is a "spy ship" that more than being in rescue tasks of the Argentine submarine have purposes to intercept and manipulate the fiber optic lines that pass through the ocean, in this particular case with concern for its facilities in the Falkland Islands, where a powerful NATO communications area is located. With this the concerns of Stuart Peach official of the British Ministry of Defense be a fairy tale for children.

Bad play. Not only because the Argentines once again with their few resources proved to be smarter than our high officials of the Royal Navy and politicians of the Foreign Office but because indiscreet eyes swept from the geostationary satellites the scene and that is recorded in the records not of a ministry, but of the most important of the globe. To think that the government of Theresa May is sure of not having been discovered and exposed to public questioning is absolute nonsense. This is not the twentieth century when the masses were manipulated like sheep to the slaughterhouse. Today a young adolescent of only fourteen years can with a modest domestic computer equipment impersonate the head of the CIA. Taking the subjects of the crown as stupid seems unlikely but less likely to the Argentines.