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New documents state that the plot of the Gulf War in 1991 having been influenced by Israeli officials' interests

By Dany Smith
Iraqi Tanks road in Kuwait 1990
Despite having spent 26 years of the Gulf War, many did not question the real reason why George H. Bush & Company decided not to advance to Baghdad to remove Saddam Hussein. Many were the analyzes and speculations that tried to explain the order of the White House but recently aired new informative pieces and data of who have been the great thugs behind the curtains that to plan the coup against Iraq in controlled form.

When a soldier enlisted to serve his country, he is convinced that he will do so for the sake of the country, or at least that is to say the theory. Undoubtedly the Americans at the head and us Britons be the most contradictory examples of that is not so. In the case of the Gulf War in 1990-1991, we did not go to defend any country or even - in the British case - to defend a colony or possession of the Crown of His Majesty. In my case, when I went to the Falklands (Malvinas) to be just a twenty-year-old chick I realized that this adventure thousands of miles from home was foolish. But in the Gulf we all knew that just going to conquer and take what we could.

When Saddam Hussein seized the Kuwaiti emirate in August 1990, he was well aware in London that what he was doing was the exercise of an old Baghdad vindication that had been snatched precisely by the British Empire in the early 1960s and after negotiating agents of London and representatives of "British Petroleum" with nomadic tribes of the desert and placed to a government decorated like was the reign of the Shiek Abdullah III to Salim Al Sabah to whom in 1961 we supported by "Op. Vantage "so that it could be separated from neighboring Iraq and conform a country of the southern Iraqi province.

That proves that the bottom of the claim is true. But the eighties bring instability between the two neighbors who managed to contain by the hand of Washington and the powerful oil interests - including those of the Bush family - that profit two bands. 

When Iraq and Iran mutually destroyed the oil companies and US and Israeli arms dealers make their August despite some other tanker destroyed in the Gulf.

Or if by then rumors talk about who benefited from the carnage in the Gulf, but the press took care to distract those versions and continue with their anti-Iranian and Islamophobic propaganda that caricatured Ayatollah Khomeini as a dangerous lunatic for the world. Behind it is Tel Aviv and its loyal Zionist contributors who bring without pause to sow hatred among the contenders and in turn keep the Arabs in fear and distrust.

When the war ended in 1988, Tel Aviv breathed a sigh of relief to Iran, hated by the Zionists for its clear inspiration to garner adherents in Lebanon that ruined their stay in 1982 with the emergence and successful development of the Shiite movement "Hesbolla " Which proved not to need direct aid from Tehran to oppose its plans. Saddam's triumph was a sweet sour drink. On the one hand, but on the other, the Zionist ultra-right jackals had wanted to kill Saddam several times and failed horribly the last time.

But in turn, Saddam Hussein knew that Washington has direct proximity to Tel Aviv and that has always kept Baghdad on guard. According to a former IISI agent (Iraqi Intelligence Secret), a contact in Egypt before the end of the war with Iran that Saddam would have told a meeting of B'aath Party security chiefs that "if we did not attack To Iran on behalf of the United States, the Americans would see to it that Iran did it against us. " Saddam's suspicion with the Americans and the British always be present and that be shared by all his government team and supported by all his people. Although the media conceal it, the British in everything that happened last century, having carried out against Iraqis, especially the south, all kinds of outrages for that reason the city of Al Basrah we will never be popular.

Also, Saudi Arabia custodian kingdom of the holy cities of Islam, keep a dirty secret in his Royal House and that was that the Abdullaziz family maintained close mining and oil business with the "Bush" family and these in turn financial partners of the Zionists On Wall Street dating back to pre-World War II times. Undoubtedly there the great reason that allow the American boots to tarnish sacred ground Then ask us What happens here?

Even according to sources of former officials of the National Security Council of G.H. Bush commented that there was "Bibi" Netanyahu and his stalwarts who, as ambassador to the United Nations, were climbing escalators with spying jobs in favor of Russia as Jonathan Pollard had stealing information from the defense to deliver it To Tel Aviv. For that Netanyahu to leave Saddam was vital for the security of Israel against Iran that was kept quiet in that war ( / )

To leave Saddam in power and with his forces almost intact, was the very tough option for Tel Aviv even though Iraq succeeded in successfully launching several SCUD missiles at Israel, although the strong Israeli censorship kept the damage under cover.

Undoubtedly this was the excuse for US intervention and permanence in the Middle East, a policy that began to be more aggressive since 1997 with more and destructive attacks on Iraq, taking advantage of the lethal embargo on its population.
Equally and beyond this intrigue, it was learned from a few  that the real reasons for not treading Iraq in 1991 was the toughness of the resistance that could wait for us on the other side. Do not be a tale of politicians or arguments of opinion. The media like CNN will never show our corpses and less our armored cars, helicopters and flaming planes. 

We saw the swollen bodies blackened by chemical weapons. Those of us who were there saw that the Iraqis threw us away with everything they had and many of them knowing that they would die buried in their trenches on the beaches of Kuwait, they threw their RPG-7 and light fire at the infantry and the helicopters that tried to pass their positions.