viernes, 9 de febrero de 2018



Two fists against Syria seem to seek again the collapse after the success achieved by Russia

By Dany Smith
Sochi Meeting 
You believe that it is a typically American game like baseball but unfortunately the title only reveals another type of game, nothing innocent and very dirty that Washington is reactivating in Syria and is not doing it alone. Despite the success of the government of President Bashar Al Assad in recapturing the country from the clutches of "Salafist" and "Wahhabist" terrorists at the service of Western interests, US troops entrenched in the north, are once again driving aggression.

This success was largely the merit of Vladimir Putin who was the president who decided to enter Syria to help the legitimate government and eradicate a threat that the US-led Coalition seems to protect much more than fight. Last December the Russian president traveled to the Russian base in "Jmeimim", Syria, where after congratulating his men and interviewing his Syrian counterpart, he closed a chapter of blood for the Arab country. Thanks to the intervention of the aerospace forces and the Russian special groups, it was possible to wrest the territories from the "black flag" mercenaries that had spread from Iraqi territory.

Despite the achievements, the irregular operations of the US have been hampering the work to launch all armed groups.

The incidents between the Syrian Arab forces and their allies with the Americans that support the Kurdish irregular groups "SDF" and Arabs of several extractions among them jihadists, have been increasing since the end of the war was declared. It is a coincidence this? I do not think so. The hostile actions of the USA have been developing continuously and diversified in both Syria and Iraq, where scandals continue to be denounced for attacks against collaborating forces in several localities. Although in Iraq Washington can silence its puppets in Baghdad and control the media that work absolutely under the control of the Anglo-American media conglomerate, that cannot be done in Syria and that has been of particular importance for the survival of the Arab republic.
ISIL US productions

American impotence is clear. His attacks against the Syrian outposts prove it. When on June 8, 2017 a unit of the Syrian army advanced by "AL Tanf" was annihilated by the American aviation, they claimed that they were a threat to their troops. The scandal of the attacks with Drones against the Russian base a few weeks ago and the shooting down of the Russian plane a few days ago by a missile provided by US intelligence agencies demonstrates the "double standard" that Washington can no longer explain.

Their proxies cannot with the forces of Bashar and their Iranian allies that have recovered the strategic points of center of the country and have made back among other of their creations the "FSA" that is being bombed by the Turks in Afrín with the operation "Rama of Olive Tree ". The latter has caused a schizophrenic situation in which the Americans "are and are not" with their irregular groups, supporting in an instant the Kurds and in others the Turks, something that Erdogan already learned in his own flesh and will not forgive, for which has demanded that the Americans immediately leave the town of "Manjib".

That desperation has led them to launch their own helicopters and planes in broad daylight attacks against the Syrian national forces, which from the point of view of international law is a flagrant violation of the sovereignty of the Arab country as provided by the Chap. VII of the Charter of the United Nations and the international laws of war. As well as the “Al Tanf” incident, on June 18 US aircraft shot down an "SU-22" aircraft operating against "ISIL" in the town of "Raqqa", the Americans falsely argued that it was attacking civilians. Americans find themselves without the permission of the Syrian government and their mere presence is an aggression that is clearly condemned in international law.

Beyond the excuses and reports that CENTCOM periodically presents to the Pentagon and that it publishes to the public, the troops should not be there since they are the factor that has maintained the conflict and the disaster in Syria. It is a clear statistic and the evidence shows that the intervention of the Americans in the region did not help to fight the mercenaries of the "Daesh"; on the contrary, it seemed to be a cover for its operations on land.
Linked to this, is the business of arms and supplies to maintain the positions of the Kurdish groups "SDF" and the groups of Arab mercenaries that every day demonstrate major and costly acquisitions of first-technology equipment.

Along with all this, it is seen how Israel is making aggressive movements and acts both on Syria and against Lebanon, clearly seeking to open a war front in the west of the region that aims to try to degrade the successes of the Islamic Arab resistance headed by "Hesbollah" and that has been the champion in the recovery of several territories in “Quneitra” and the “Golan Heights” (which bothers Israel) but also seeks to complicate Syria.

Latest reports are realizing that the US is preparing an offensive against Syria, arguing some use by the government of chemical weapons.

The final goal of all this and that both Washington and Tel Aviv pursue is to dismantle the process of national reconciliation and to undermine in a definitive way the peace plan elaborated in Sochi that complements that of Geneva. What arrived there by the National Syrian Dialogue Congress not only opens the door to lasting peace but that the groups that served the interests of the West were expelled. The reason for this is undoubtedly due to the inescapable role that Russia has taken in the region in the role of eliminating the so-called "Islamic State" and without doubt, by the articulation of the axis "Ankara-Tehran" that causes cramps the neocon and Zionist sectors.